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The starting point…

I have always wanted to do something that excites me and something for ME. I have given so much of my time to my little creatures around me being my two crazy busy boys who i absolutely adore with my whole being. BUT the time has come for me to put some make up on, do my hair and make myself feel good about myself again and apart of this beautiful world. It has taken me a few good days to put this together only because i have been terrified of the what If and my self doubt if i can create something special, wonderful and exciting and share my life journey with you all. I think there is way to much pressure on us all these days to be perfect and live the perfect life that we forget about the small things around us and creating long lasting memories with our family and friends. I hope my journey with my crazy loud little family and all our adventures brings some sparkle into your life. Our happy place is creating these memories together.

I would love to hear from you…..